Woodcutters Local 419 was started on the first day guilds could be created in Landmark, Aug. 7, 2014.

  • As of the 2016 game launch Woodcutter's continue to cut wood, chit chat, lends a hand in the community, and still hunt bugs!

About the NameEdit

The name was inspired by a player event organized by the leader, Laozee to test the respawn rate of the ever elusive and somewhat maddening rare trees. That event helped stress the point that indeed, trees were bugged and needed a fix. When the game's Community Manager, Brasse, announced that they would have very brief down times every day until the trees were fixed, she joked about appeasing Woodcutters Local 419.

Guild StyleEdit

  • The guild is pretty laid back and casual, but focused on having friendly members who like to help each other and new players.
  • The guild welcomes players of all types, from around the world.
  • Members have made commitment to finding and chopping down bugs (errors in the game code) and reporting them in-game and/or on the forums

Guild WebsiteEdit

At this time the Woodcutter's doesn't have a site. Give a shout out asking about us in /General chat. It's an unusual guild name, so we're bound to notice and send you a PM with more info.

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