This page focuses only on wood as a resource and how to obtain it.

Gathering WoodEdit

It probably comes as no surprise that you need to grab an axe and chop down trees if you want to gather wood.

  • The axe you choose will determine if you get any bonuses (extra luck, faster chopping).

You can also use an extractor to gather wood. These are a futuristic tools.

  • Extractors can also be used to mine ore, gems, and uncommon stone and for digging holes in caves. Because they are a multi-purpose tool, they look like giant drills.

Wood has a few varieties for various uses, described below.

Types of WoodEdit

Wood can be used both to build on a build site. Common wood comes in the following varieties:

  • Cut Plain Wood - typically, this wood texture has a light colored finish when used in building
  • Cut Burled Wood - this wood usually has a very dark finish when used in building
  • Cut Striped Wood -when used in building, this wood texture tends to live up to its name, mincing real-world Zebrawood

Wood Logs are the "raw" resources you can gather. The logs must be refined at a Replicator and turned into cut wood before used in crafting or for Building.

See the Building Materials page for examples of wood textures one can use to build.

Table of WoodEdit

On many landscapes you may be able to find most types of wood; however, some types of wood are easier to find in some biomes than others.

The table below is designed to help to determine which biome you must visit to gather that type of wood quickly and easily, as it is the most common type in that biome. To learn more about the biomes, follow the links.

Additional Biomes were added late in closed beta, but those have not been added to the table below. Please verify the common wood in Deciduous and Volcanic Biomes and edit the info below.
Various wood resources
Material Icon Wood Resource Common Biome Tool to Log Refined Name
Plain Wood Log beta icon
Plain Wood All Any axe or any extractor Cut Plain Wood
Burled Wood Log beta icon
Burled Wood Old Growth Forest Any axe or any extractor Cut Burled Wood
Striped Wood beta Log icon
Striped Wood Desert Any axe or any extractor Cut Striped Wood

Recommended ReadingEdit

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