There are very many articles on this wiki which can be considered as Props. See Prop for the full listing.

Not all of these pages have a full page template. Many of them only have one image (maybe) and a partial "How To Make" table.

Also, the Category tags are overused. Props should only have category tags on them as defined in the Category dictionary. When in doubt, don't add a tag. (It's easier to add another one later, it's a pain to delete them.) For the most part, props will have one, maybe two categories. For Trees they most likely have two (a tree can have leaves and belong to the Old Growth biome for example). Be as specific as you can.

Pre-formatted pages have been created for props in the following categories: General, Trees, Plants, Rocks - and can be found listed here: Category:Page editing. These pre-formatted pages are meant to be copied and pasted onto new, or merged with existing articles.

For categories, please see the latest Category dictionary page.


To have all the prop pages updated for content and for Category tags.


As of July 2016:

This list is being used to cross-check page renaming and related updates. Yasuewho (talk) 23:37, July 20, 2016 (UTC)Yasuewho

"Strike throughs" below remain to indicate pre-launch updates only.

Text ListEdit

When a page has been confirmed as being updated, use the strikeout feature on the list below.

July 2016 - some of the poprs below will have redlinks until page renames are complete. Please do not create them again.



This pillow list is updated to reflect launch build of the game


Light OrbsEdit

Glass (Plain)Edit




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