Some articles have image links, but no images. It is extremely helpful to people to see what things look like.

To have the most accurate description of what a where to find burled wood may not be enough for people trying to find the trees in the other biomes they may not know as well. For example, burled wood can be found by chopping down arch-trees in the decidious biome.

To fix, click on the red file link and either:

  1. Upload a new image - which must be the same type as what the link is expecting*
  2. Associate an existing image from the image library

* If the image link says ThisIsAFileLink.png - then you must upload a PNG file. Uploading a JPG file (for example) will result in an error. Case matters not - ".png" is the same as ".PNG".


To have zero articles which require images.


91 Pages - 17-Jun-2014, Jarod997
127 Pages - 14-Aug-2014, Jarod997

This doesn't include all the Props pages which have not been updated to the "standard" format shown on Large Rectangular Rug.

Text ListEdit

See the list automatically generated here: Pages which need images

Also: Category: Pages with broken file links

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