Water (Resource) refers to a type of building material. In order to place it while in Build Mode, players need to have gathered ice passively while mining other resources. Ice can be gathered from the tundra biome on any island, but not from tundra caves.

  • At one time, ice and snow were interchangeable for this use, but only ice works for placing water as of 2016.


In Landmark, Water (Resource) mimics the characteristics associated with fluid, but stationary sources of real-world water as seen in a pool, lake, or pond.

  • For example, players can build a hot tub, pool, or entire lake and then swim in it. When combined with the Waterfall Mote Emitter and other Emitters, a very natural look can be achieved.

As a Building MaterialEdit

Water (Resource) can be used as a building material. New textures are added all of the time, so check your the building materials section of the mega-palette in Build Mode in-game to see all textures.

In Landmark, the Water (Resource) has a shimmer in certain light. It is semi-transparent. It reflects back light and some nearby props like trees and rocks.

Below: a character stands in a player-made pond that uses water as a building material.

A character stands knee-deep in water. Some rocks can be seen through the water in this nighttime screenshot.

Other InfoEdit

  • It can be used to fill player made pools, hot tubs, and similar water features.
  • Some clever players are using it to build "watervators" (elevators made from water, that one can swim up/down the levels of a claim), so the applicable uses are only limited by your imagination.
  • Water works well to create some layers for player made windows because the slight movement can simulate light. For example, player have created stained-glass style windows by layering Lumicite between layers of water.
  • You can watch the specific Landmark Live episode that introduced water as building material here.

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