The Watch List, also known as a Goal list, refers to an on-screen User Interface (UI) window list players can open and close.



Outlined in yellow, the "eye" icon to open the Watch List.


Highlighted for emphasis: the Eye icon can be clicked to open and close the Goals (a tracking list) and recipes found in the Journal.

To open this User Interface (UI) window, click the Eye icon at the top left of the screen.

It is used to track things you want to do while playing while keeping the list visible as you carry out those tasks. It will automatically "check" each step for you as you go.

The list can contain two things, both of which are found within the Journal:

  • Goals you want to achieve
  • Lists of resources you want to collect. These can be added from the Recipe tab of the Journal or from the Replicator, by clicking on the Watch button.

Closing the ListEdit

  • To close the whole list, simply click the X in the upper right corner.
  • You can close individual list sections for Goals or tracking gathered resources too. To do so, place your mouse in the upper right corner near the top of each of the Goals or other lists. An X will appear for each and you can then close them.

Related TopicsEdit

  • Journal - the journal is the easiest way to track things with the watch list no matter where you are in the world.
  • Goals are similar to "quests" seen in other games, though in Landmark, the do not need to be sought from NPCs as in other games.

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