Void vault
Landmark Void Vault examine window

Examine window for the void vault.

Void Vaults are a limited edition vault that was given as a bonus item to players who bought a Trailblazer level Founder's Pack to support the development of Landmark.

Void Vault is a prop found in the Prop Palette. It can be placed on a build site.

Basic InfoEdit


Edited for emphasis, props are NOT crafted. Instead you place them with the prop palette and can see the needed resources as described above.

All props are placed using the Prop Palette while in Build Mode.

  • This prop is not innate. It must be "discovered" while engaging in non-building activities or added using the Lumen Station.
  • Though some props are not innate and can be discovered as "recipes," props are not a crafted item.
  • This prop can be tinted using the Tints tab while in Build Mode.

Required ResourcesEdit

All resources must be refined at a Replicator before they can be used in building.

Quantity Resource
? Verify resource and change info here, remove this note when corrected.

About VaultsEdit

All vaults (of any type) are connected, serving a similar function to a bank in other games.

Other InformationEdit

When you dissemble any the materials used to place it will be returned to you. Right click on a prop and choose Disassemble to return materials to your inventory.

The void vault is soulbound, therefor it:

  • can not be traded with other players or characters.
  • can not be placed on any claim that your character does not own.
  • Should you loose or destroy your void vault, you can visit any Spire and click on a blue and yellow chest during closed beta to replace it.

Appearance when PlacedEdit


Void Vault EQN Landmark Founder's Pack00:12

Void Vault EQN Landmark Founder's Pack

Void Vault

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