{{Vita Nova}} (Bringers of a New Dawn

Vita Nova
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Leader A Council no one leader yet.
Region United States, Louisiana, Central Time
Focus Building, Crafting, PVE, raiding in EQN
Style Social, Fun, Mature(Adult Humor)Diversified and experienced.
Server To be announced
Language English

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Voice chat:  = Mumble

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Vita Nova is an EverQuest Next guild.

About the guildEdit

We are about bringing players together to help reach
Larger goals and your personal Ambitions.  We are a guild full of players that have a lot of experience in games like these. Several of our members are players who have led raids and been the number 1 raiding guild for there server for their game. For instance, Number 1 in EQ2 when it launched. Number 1 in Rift when it Launched. Several have been the most geared players in those games. Finally we are not a bunch of punks or snobs. After playing so many games for so many years we understand Real Life happens. However even though we are not as strict as some guilds we still end up being the best on a  server. Hopefully with more players like yourself we can do that again. The guild name is  new because we always like to recreate guilds we always like to bring a newness and originality to a game that we begin to play. Our goal is to prepare for EQ Next 
 while at the same time come up with some cool designs and have fun building massive projects in a community.

Joining the guildEdit

Currently you can post on the facebook, You can also register at our guild website and place an application to  join the guild. We look forward to getting to know you!!    

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