For Canadians we're celebrating a long weekend (which goes by a different name depending on what Province you live in). Nice weather, time off. What better way to spend it than playing some Landmark!

Since my time off, I admit somewhat longer than I had planned, I've come to appreciate the game again. Although I'm saddened by the news that EQ Next won't come to be (at least any time soon), I guess I take some confort in knowing that Landmark will still be around for some time to come. And as the game develops, we the Wikia community will continue to be here making this reference the best place to go to look up whatever you need to know in the game.

Many thanks to the users who have kept things going in my absence: @Ferthi, @Yasuewho, @Antimuffin, @Wincel, and others. Your dedication is what keeps this place going!

Don't lose heart, keep playing, keep updating, have fun!


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