Here's what's going in with today's update!

• Added Chests in to the game! You can now craft 2 different chests (Ornate Small Chest and Simple Large Chest) at the Copper Reinforced Saw Table and the Cobalt Reinforced Saw Table. They can be placed on your claim and you can use them to store props, items and resources.

• Fixed the issue with embedded Intel chipsets that caused the world to only render with completely black textures. Laptop users can rejoice!

• Moving props around your claim should be easier and be more reliable. We will continue to improve this with upcoming updates.

• We added a tooltip to the recipe icon in the crafting window to show you what you would craft with that recipe.

• Fixed a number of client crashes and optimized a number of trouble spots as well.

• Dragging icons between windows should now be more reliable.

• The Force Hoop recipe was erroneously requiring 200 Elemental Rubicite. It now only requires 9!

• The teleporter window at the hub wouldn’t always pay attention to the first time you clicked on a world. Now it will.

• Templates and copy/paste will no longer grab procedurally-placed props from your claim.

• Fixed an error in the description on the Silversteel Pick.

• The mouse cursor will now update appropriately when over the light source props that can be turned on/off.

• Updated a few of the marble textures to look better/clearer.

• Fixed an issue where the location information wasn’t updating when you switched zones consistently.

• Now when you change zones it should clean up any oddities with animations from grappling to the spires.

• Updated most windows in preparation for localization. Please let us know if you see any weird or missing strings.

• Added a feedback message to the player when they submit a bug. Now you know when it successfully sends the bug!

• Several windows will now save their positions properly when closed using the Escape key.

And now for some of the stuff the team is hard at work on for next week’s update!

• A new smoothing tool that should allow for much more intuitive behavior and results!

• Claim permissions! When this is in, you’ll be able to work with friends to make even more amazing things!

• 12 new islands and 2 new biomes! This will include new materials to build with, new props and new areas of the world to explore.

• Attached claims! The ability to place another claim directly attached to an existing claim you own. This will allow for bigger builds or space to do more builds next to one another.

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