We inadvertently introduced a few new bugs with the update yesterday. We wanted to make sure that over the weekend the most annoying of those had been fixed! So, here's what we managed to squash in the past 24 hours. We also snuck in a few stability fixes too because less crashes is always a good thing! 

We hope everyone has a great weekend whether you're in game or not!

• Fixed the data problem that kept a large number of materials that you could previously select with the “picker” tool (but not via the material tray) from being usable after yesterday’s update. Now these should all show up in the material tray as well so you shouldn’t have to find them and pick them in order to use them. Some of them look very similar and we’ll be working to clean up duplicates as we move forward, but we wanted to make sure everyone could use their templates and continue building as they were before the previous update. This adds 33 new materials to the material tray.

• If you attempt to “pick” a material from the world that isn’t in the material tray, it will now give you an error message with instructions on how to let us know that we missed something that *should* be in the tray.

• Fixed the issue where you couldn’t move props that were already placed on your claim. You had to pick them up and replace them to move them around. They should now work as expected. Please note that you still cannot move them off of your claim, which was what we were trying to fix when this new bug was introduced.

• Fixed an issue with the Delete Tool that significantly changed the functionality everyone was used to. Everything should be back to the way it worked before with the exception that the sphere shape should be centered on the cursor by default instead of being sunken in to the surface.

• Fixed an issue with the inventory, trade and vault windows not properly resizing.

• Fixed several client crashes.

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