One note about the controls that I’ve had a lot of questions about: You can move the camera in and out to different distances from your character by holding shift and using the mouse wheel. Hopefully this helps!

• The camera no longer collides with loot generated from mining and harvesting. This should help significantly when mining in a tunnel and having the camera constantly moving around as you mined.

• Various optimizations and stability fixes. We will continue to plow through these on a daily basis to get these out to you as quickly as possible.

• Fixed an issue that could make it difficult to click through the area that the material tray would be in when it was opened even when it wasn’t actually opened.

• You can now drop items on to the tabs in the vault to move them around easily.

• Fixed a number of issues with undo/redo that caused unexpected behavior and results. These should now work much more reliably.

• The sphere Delete brush should now be centered on your cursor instead of your cursor being on the edge.

• Fixed an issue that would cause the camera to transition twice while placing a claim.

• Removed the camera shake when chopping down trees.

• Added new icons for a number of items in the game.

• Added splinter particles to tree explosions.

• Changed tooltips to be more informative and to be color coded to make them easier to read.

• Fixed a bug that could cause the first attempt to place a template to fail.

• Changed the default starting distance of the camera from the player so that you can actually see yourself instead of just your back/head.

• Fixed a problem with seeing other people’s light sources when they had them equipped.

• Fixed an issue that would cause a door to reset scale and/or rotation when animating.

• The crafting window will now close automatically when you move away from the crafting station.

• Updated the error messages when trying to build so that they are clearer and more useful to players.

• Fixed an issue where the props that have light sources didn’t always look “off” when they were clicked off.

• Burled Wood building materials have been touched up to be cleaner and crisper.

• Added a message about your inventory being full when attempting to craft something so that players actually know why a craft failed instead of failing silently!

• Added a new hotkey to bring up the game settings (F2).

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