• We found and fixed a number of issues that would allow props to spawn on your claim. If you have any left, you should now be able to delete them by using the selection volume and hitting the delete key (they should no longer respawn). This also shouldn’t happen on any newly placed claims moving forward.

• The 12 new materials should now ACTUALLY be available to build with. Sorry for the confusion, the data gnomes took a break and didn’t let us know.

• We have increased the availability of a Sapphire, Ruby, Obsidian and Alabaster and also made sure that they will spawn more often on the surface to make them easier to find. Happy hunting!

• Aquamarine and Iron/Aquamarine veins no longer appear on Tier 3 islands, please look for them on Tier 2 islands from now on.

• Fixed the color of rubies and sapphires in the world!

• We’ve also fixed a number of potential causes for the rollbacks some players have seen when servers come down. We’ll continue to monitor this and address any new issues that we find.

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