There's a bunch of annoying stuff that has happened recently while the servers were unstable and that stuff needs to be cleaned up. (Trash Day!)

Here's the stuff that's happening today at 3pm when we outage the servers:

  • Any deleted character has had their claim removed. (And such removal is automatic in the future. Don’t worry about it.)
  • Any extra claim flags in your inventory or vault have been removed.
  • Any character with more than one claim has been reduced to a single claim. The claim that remains is the oldest claim they possessed.
    • NOTE: Any crafting tables, props, or voxel changes they made on those claims stay in the world, so if someone wants to claim those areas afterward, you can clean up on some good stuff if you can find and claim it.
  • If you have a character that did not receive Founder’s Pack items, you will be getting a grant of them today.
    • And if you DELETE a character in the future, you WILL get Founder’s Items for that new character.
    • We are not eliminating Founder’s item duplicates from your inventory if you have them. Enjoy!

There’s only one thing we couldn’t get to today, and we *promise* you that we haven’t forgotten you. Those few of you that have no claim *andno flag…we’ll be making sure you’re taken care of before the weekend! (But not today. Sorry.)

NOTE: The Portal Crystal is lying to you about where your claims are located. We’ll work hard to get that fixed soon also so that if you can’t remember where it is, you can find it. There are 114 islands in the game now, so warping around trying to find a claim is getting harder, not easier. We need the interface to work correctly and it shall be done.

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