Unflinching Embodiment of Might - Icon
Unflinching Embodiment of Might is a weapon that can be equipped for combat.

Basic InfoEdit

Unflinching Embodiment of Might - Info
Innate No
Crafting Station Replicator
Spell Effect

Basic attack: Decimate

Attack: Obliteration Turn

Weapon Slot Main Hand
Affinity Earth

This weapon can be crafted after obtaining the recipe.


Basic AttackEdit

Unflinching Embodiment of Might - Basic Attack

Decimate: Slam your mace down to damage any opponents in front of you. Hitting the same opponent twice in a row Crushes them.

Decimate's Stats
Cost N/A
Cast Time 0.1 seconds
Cooldown 0.0 seconds

Power AttackEdit

Unflinching Embodiment of Might - Power Attack

Obliteration Turn: Spin your mace in a circle hitting all opponents around you, gaining Harden if any are Crushed.

Obliteration Turn's Stats
Cost ?
Cast Time Instant
Cooldown 1.5 seconds

Earth AffinityEdit

  • Regrowth: Successful attacks can restore missing life.
  • Harden: When activated, the next opponents attack deals reduced damage.
  • Crush: Opponents can be knocked to the ground, which temporarily stops their attacks and movement.

How to MakeEdit

When made at the Replicator, this recipe makes 1 item.

Item Quanitity
Smelted Druidium 6000
Cut Amethyn 6000
Adventure Essence 4
Earth Essence 12

Other InformationEdit

To see the full details of about this or any other weapon's available attacks, place your mouse over the weapon in your Inventory and press the Alt key to toggle. Doing so will open additional windows that describe the full information about all available attacks and their mana costs, cast time, and cool down timers.

To Equip:

  1. Press I to open your Inventory and Character Sheet.
  2. Locate this weapon.
  3. Drag the weapon to the Main Hand slot to equip it.
  • To disengage a weapon after a battle, press ESC.

Appearance When EquippedEdit

Unflinching Embodiment of Might - Equipped

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