This page will serve as a  demonstration of the Foundry Tooltips for Wikia, as well as a guide to including them on your own  Wikia Contributions.  After installation the template produces an item link, that when hovered over will display an extensive tooltip.

Tool Tip UsageEdit


To use these Tool Tips on any page, all you have to do is make sure the following line of code is included at the bottom of the page source. 

<div id="toolTip" style="position: absolute; display: none"> </div>

Usage: {{item|<item_name>|<rarity>}}

  • Item is required.
  • <item_name> is required.
  • <rarity> is optional. You may enter one of the following; common, unusual, rare, mythical, legendary, relic, or leave it blank for the default Wikia link color.

Example Tooltips

Founder's Pickaxe      Rubicite Axe      Stone Forge


The Tool Tip system is an extension of the Foundry API.  In their current form they update in real time with the Foundry, which will eventually update with the Census API provided by SOE.  What this means is simple, once the Census API becomes avaible all Tool Tips through this system will update in real time with the game.  These have been created and provided to the public for ease of use on the Official Landmark Wikia as well as fan based sites.


Like Landmark, the Tool Tips system is a work in progress.  We are working on this everyday to perfect the system and make it as easy as possible for you to utilize.  That being said there are going to be bugs, and should you find one please let us know and we will take the necessary steps to correct it. All questions, concerns and reports can be directed to our Contact Us page.

Know Issues

  • Item links are broken in Internet Explorer

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