Timer filter

The Timer Filter prop is a Story Tool that allows for a time delay on linked events on a Build Site.


To use a Timer Filter to add a delay between two events, set an incoming link from the first event to start the timer. Then set an outgoing link from the timer to trigger the second event upon completion of the timer. Use the timer's settings to set the length of the delay. A timer can be set for between 1 and 600 seconds (10 minutes).

Timers can be set to loop until paused, in order to allow for events that repeat at fixed intervals. If a timer is set to loop, events that are set to trigger from the timer ending will still trigger when it ends. Also, events set to trigger on timer reset will only trigger when the timer is explicitly reset from an incoming link (see June 16, 2016 update notes).

Incoming and Outgoing LinksEdit

The Timer Filter has the following options for Incoming Links:

  • "...Start this timer."
  • "...Pause this timer."
  • "...Reset this timer."
  • "...Pause and Reset this timer."

The Timer Filter has the following options for Outgoing Links:

  • "When this timer completes..."
  • "When this timer starts..."
  • "When the timer pauses..."
  • "When this timer resets..."


The Timer Filter prop has the following options under Settings:

  • Name: Allows players to give the prop a name only they can see.
  • Timer Duration (Seconds): A slider that specifies how long the timer lasts, with a range from 1 second to 600 seconds (10 minutes).
  • Loop Until Paused:  A checkbox that specifies that the timer will automatically start again when it completes until it is paused (or reset).


The Timer Filter can be used to add time element to stories. For example, suppose you want a lever that opens a door temporarily, but shuts it after 10 seconds so that the player has to hurry to make it through in time. You could link the lever to open the door, but then also link the lever to start a Timer Filter set to 10 seconds, and then have that timer link to the door to shut it when the timer completes.

Required ResourcesEdit

The following resources are required to place this prop.

Quantity Resource
50 Cut Plain Wood

General Prop InformationEdit

  • All props are placed using the Prop Palette using the Build Mode interface while the Build Site is in Edit Mode.
  • To remove this prop, right click the prop and hit Recycle. Any materials used to place it will be returned to you.
  • This prop is innate. It is prop knowledge included in the Prop Palette by default for new characters.
  • This prop can be tinted using the Tints tab in the Build Mode interface.
  • This prop is only visible in Edit Mode.

Appearance when PlacedEdit

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