A Textile is a type of composite resource that is made at a Replicator. As the name implies, it looks like real-world fabric, but it goes well beyond that limit as a building material.


This is a composite resource, which means to make textiles you need a mix of Tree Fiber and at least one cut gemstone. For example, most cloth has a gem that hints at the color it will be: Red Cloth uses Cut Ruby when it is made.



Above: an example of one type of textile when you examine it in your inventory.

Textiles are used to:

As a Building MaterialEdit

Textiles come in many textures. New textures are added all of the time, so check your the building materials section of the mega-palette in Build Mode in-game to see all textures.

In Landmark, the Textile textures go beyond typical cloth.

Shown below, a classic woven fabric, a leather look, paper panels, and a sashimi-style mat.

Examples of several textures in int Textiles category.


Examples of the color variety of typical, woven textures for textiles.

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