Terraform is used outside of Landmark to refer to the alteration of planets, moons, and other bodies in the universe.

In Landmark, it is used to describe radical alterations to the natural landscape within build sites. In Landmark, even the "air" around a claim has a volume, though it is invisible. For example, when you create or place a player-made object, you have the option to paste with or without air. This applies to using the copy/paste feature with the Selection Tool or when placing a saved designs; when you press Shift and L click you will see a check box that let you choose to Paste with Air. Water can be used as a building material.

You may want to create a snowy respite in a desert, add a large lake to your site using water, make a personal cave system underground, or build an island in the sky. Altering the area within your claim is only limited to your imagination.

How to TerrafromEdit

Use the building tools and experiment with a variety of shapes that can be added with the Add Tool. Delete other areas to prevent the area from being uniform. Use the Smooth Tool to blend areas you've built up and/or cut out to make it blend with the existing area. Use the Paint Tool to change the look (eg. place snow on your desert claim).


The videos below show terraforming in Landmark.

This video may use some outdated terms and a pre-launch interface, but the same principals of the techniques are still valid.
  • Ara Gaming has created a time lapse video to show the entire process of terraforming to make a building look as though it sits naturally on the land.

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