Team Legacy
Team Legacy Logo
Leader Chapter Lead: Vin
Region Mostly NA (Have 20ish EU / Oceanic members)
Focus PvP/PvE
Style Hardcore/casual
Server PvP
Language English

Team Legacy is an EverQuest Next guild.

About the guildEdit

Team Legacy was originally established in early August 2009, as a Team Liquid offshoot. is the prime website for Starcraft and Starcraft 2 outside of Korea, and a haven for hardcore competitive gamers. As a group of active friends interested in organizing beyond the Starcraft universe, we flourished and grew. As we expanded, we began to see ourselves differently: we dropped the mentality of random hardcore players banding together for epeen; we see ourselves as a tight-knit community of friends. Together, we've created a home to interact with others who share our passions, and all are encouraged to share new ideas. Team Legacy continues to grow, playing a variety of well-organized games (with more on the horizon), chatting on our active teamspeak, and keeping members abreast of the latest developments via weekly guild meetings. Most of us are lifetime gamers; some are “casual,” some compete at a professional level, and we welcome new members from all walks of life.

We are a community of kindred spirits; we are a team.

Joining the guildEdit

Apply today, see what the fuss is about yourself.

We receive many applications each week, and we just can’t accept everyone to full chapter membership/raider positions. We utilize the best of military and business philosophy when interviewing, and choose candidates that can fulfill vital roles in Team Legacy, and/or we feel have the greatest room for improvement. When we interview you, we are not looking much at your previous “rankings,” but are instead looking to see if you are witty, intelligent, and have an inquisitive mind with an intuitive grasp of mechanics. We are looking for natural ability, and drive to improve.

Interested? Visit our website and fill out a simple application on our forums!

Join us on Teamspeak! We welcome potential community members to come say hello, and hop into a game with us!

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