Target Dummy is a creature prop that can be placed with the Prop Palette.

Basic InfoEdit

All props are placed using the Prop Palette while in Build Mode.

  • Some props are Innate Items and some can be discovered as "recipes," though props are not a crafted item.
  • All creatures that have armor (e.g. Ebonguard elves) can be tinted while in Build Mode. Generic monsters can not be tinted.

Monster InfoEdit

Innate Yes
Faction Style None
Elite No
Affinity Link to any specific Elemental Essence (e.g. Fire Essence)
Unique Behaviors This dummy is easy to practice with because its attacks are simple

Required ResourcesEdit


Edited for emphasis, props are NOT crafted. Instead you place them with the prop palette and can see the needed resources as described above.

All Essences are Crafting Components and they do not need to be refined at the Replicator.

Quantity Resource
110 Cut Plain Wood

Using Creature PropsEdit

All creature props are placed using the Prop Palette.

  • Creature props are moved with a Fine Tuning menu just like regular props, but they have additional functions and features.
  • See the Creature Prop page to learn about working with Settings.

Target Dummy AttacksEdit

  • This dummy has a wooden sword it wields. It's best used when learning to target with weapons

Other InformationEdit

When you recycle any prop the materials used to place it will be returned to you. Right click on a prop and choose Disassemble to return materials to your inventory.

See the Innate Creature Props (List) for all Creature Props that every player has when starting out.

Appearance when PlacedEdit


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