Supercooled Power Cannon is a weapon that can be equipped for combat.

Basic InfoEdit

Supercooled power cannon tooptip
Innate Yes
Crafting Station Replicator
Spell Effect Basic Attack: Tidal Burst

Attack: Torrent

Weapon Slot Main Hand
Affinity Water

This is a beginner's weapon, issued at character creation.


Basic AttackEdit

Supercooled power cannon skill1

Tidal Burst: Charge a powerful blast that deals damage to the first opponent hit, triggering Surge if the opponent was Frozen. When fully charged this attack passes through multiple opponents, granting Flow for each opponent hit.

Tidal Burst's Stats
Cost N/A
Cast Time 1.3 seconds
Cooldown 0.0 seconds

Power AttackEdit

Supercooled power cannon skill2

Torrent: Channel a torrent of attacks that hit all opponents in front of you. Hitting the same opponent several times eventually Freezes them.

Trick Shot's Stats
Cost N/A
Cast Time instant
Cooldown 1.0 seconds

Water AffinityEdit

Water weapons are elegant and inevitable. They possess the following properties:

  • Flow: Successful attacks can temporarily increase maximum energy.
  • Surge: When activated half of stored energy is consumed to deal bonus damage.
  • Freeze: Opponents can be frozen, which temporarily stops their attacks and movement.

How to MakeEdit

When made at the Replicator, this recipe makes 1 item.

Item Quanitity
Smelted Tin 6000
Cut Sapphire 6000
Adventure Essence 4
Water Essence 12

Other InformationEdit

To see the full details of about this or any other weapon's available attacks, place your mouse over the weapon in your Inventory and press the Alt key to toggle. Doing so will open additional windows that describe the full information about all available attacks and their mana costs, cast time, and cool down timers.

To Equip:

  1. Press I to open your Inventory and Character Sheet.
  2. Locate this weapon.
  3. Drag the weapon to the Main Hand slot to equip it.
  • To disengage a weapon after a battle, press ESC.

Appearance When EquippedEdit

Supercooled power cannon

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