An example of an examine window with the soulbound designation

Soulbound is an uncommon designation for items that are bound to the character who owns it.

How to tell What is SoulboundEdit

  • Items with this designation will have a a note in the examine window (tool tip) flagging them as "Soulbound".
  • Soulbound items can not be traded or given to other players.
  • Soulbound items can only be placed on your own claim (as props) or in storage chests that you have on your own claim.

Why Items are SoulboundEdit

  • Extremely rare items are sometimes soulbound to limit the quantity a single player can have.
  • High-value, limited edition, and some purchased items are soulbound to assure they remain with the original owner of the item.

Examples of Soulbound ItemsEdit

  • Year Zero Trophy - a limited edition item, sent to players who participated in the alpha to closed beta period of testing and feedback for the game, prior to the anniversary date of alpha.
  • Any clothing items, props like the Void Vault, or tools like the Founder's Pickaxe that were included in the various levels of Founder's and Trailblazer packs purchased during Alpha and closed beta.

Other InfoEdit

You will often see this written as two words: soul bound.

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