Skeletal Bodysuit (Orange) is a limited-edition outfit that was granted only to those who participated in closed beta during the first year of the game's development.

Basic InfoEdit

Innate N/A
Crafting Station N/A
Equipment Type Cosmetic Gear
Spell Effect None

How to MakeEdit

When made at the Replicator, this recipe makes 1 item.

Resource Quantity
N/A See Notes

Other InformationEdit

Players with an active account during first Halloween of the game's development received this outfit automatically when they created a new character again after launch.

This clothing item is a one-piece outfit. Like all cosmetic gear, it lacks any stats and, therefore, the quality does not vary when making it.

  • Clothing may have some variation when equipped on a character, based on their sex.
Typically, such differences are very minor and tend to occur in the footwear portion of the outfit only.

Appearance When EquippedEdit


The body suit glows. Left: in daylight. Right: in a cave.

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