Landmark screenshot

How to take a screenshot and how to find it on your computer. Note that this may change later and may vary depending on your Operating System or personal settings for your PC.

Social Media ScreenshotsEdit

  1. Press the "O" (oh) key.
  2. The Social Media window will open.
  3. Press the "Take Screenshot" button.
  4. The UI is automatically hidden for the screenshot.
  • Afterwards, you can choose to post it to social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter, though you need an account to do so.
  • The closed beta build stores social media screenshots in subfolder "ImageCaptureOutput" of the Landmark install folder.
Example: D:\games\landmark_beta\ImageCaptureOutput

Regular ScreenshotsEdit

Pressing CTRL + F12 will take a screenshot with the User Interface showing.

  • Win 7 screenshots: during closed beta these are stored in your generic Images file for your PC.
Example: C:\Users\YourUserName\Pictures\Landmark

Other InfoEdit

  • You can also take up to 4 screenshots when creating a template of objects you build using the building tools on a claim
  • You can add screenshots to your claim management window. This is useful when you may want to delete a claim (so you know it is the right location) or if you want to publish it on the Gallery so other players can visit.

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