Ring of the Rising Tide is an accessory that can be worn when battling monsters.

Basic InfoEdit

Innate Yes
Crafting Station Replicator
Affinity Water
Maximum Affinity Effect Flow Stacks up faster

How to MakeEdit

When crafted at a Replicator this make 1 item.

Item Quantity
Smelted Tin 750
Cut Sapphire 750
Adventure Essence 1
Water Essence 3

Maximum Affinity EffectEdit

Affinity describes characteristics to boost combat skills. Equipping armor, weapons, and accessories with a common affinity will further boost those benefits.

  • The Maximum Affinity Effect from accessories is reached when accessories are worn in combination with armor and a weapon that share its Affinity.
  • Flow stacks up faster.

Water accessories grant a weaker version of Flow you aren't using an Water weapon, in addition to any other effects granted.

Other InformationEdit

To see the full details of about this or any other armor's available attacks, place your mouse over the weapon in your Inventory and press the Alt key to toggle. Doing so will open additional windows that describe the full information about all available attacks and their mana costs, cast time, and cool down timers.

To Equip:

  1. Press I to open your Inventory and Character Sheet.
  2. Locate this weapon.
  3. Drag the weapon to the Armor slot to equip it.
  • To disengage a weapon after a battle, press ESC.

Other InfoEdit

No other info at this time

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