Reset Node

The Reset Node prop is a Story Tool that lets players reset the story on their Build Sites using the Linking and Triggering system.


When a Reset Node is activated by a linked event while in Play Mode, all the props and creatures on that build site return to their original saved state. A new state is saved when the builder switches from Edit Mode to Play Mode.

Incoming and Outgoing LinksEdit

The Reset Node has the following options for Incoming Links:

  • "...If in Play Mode, reset the story on this Build Site."

The Reset Node does not have any options for Outgoing Links.


The Reset Node prop has the following options under Settings:

  • Name: Allows players to give the prop a name only they can see.
  • List other settings here


The Reset Node can be used to let visitors reset a build site's story before they play it, or to automatically reset the story upon completion. For example, you could set up a switch that forces the story to reset when pulled by a player, or you could set the story to automatically reset when the final encounter is finished, such as upon the death of a creature, or the player reaching a particular area, such as the end of a maze.


Because the "saved" state of the build site is set when switching from Edit Mode to Build Mode, a builder can determine exactly what the starting state of their build site should be. For example, suppose you want a light to default to the "On" state, but to later be turned "Off" by an event on the build site. You would first switch into Edit Mode, turn on the light, and then switch into Play Mode. Then no matter how many times the light was switch on or off during the story, the light would always return to the "On" state upon the next reset. By default, switching from Play Mode to Edit Mode causes a reset, or one can be performed manually using a Reset Node that has been linked to a lever or other event. The build site must be in Play Mode in order for the Reset Node to work.

Required ResourcesEdit

The following resources are required to place this prop.

Quantity Resource
50 Cut Plain Wood

General Prop InformationEdit

  • All props are placed using the Prop Palette using the Build Mode interface while the Build Site is in Edit Mode.
  • To remove this prop, right click the prop and hit Recycle. Any materials used to place it will be returned to you.
  • This prop is innate. It is prop knowledge included in the Prop Palette by default for new characters.
  • This prop cannot be tinted using the Tints tab in the Build Mode interface.
  • This prop is only visible in Edit Mode.

Appearance when PlacedEdit

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