A Repair-o-Matic is used to repair your damaged Gear and Equipment.

Using the Repair-o-MaticEdit


L: The common style of Repair-o-Matic, seen at spires. R: an alternate style found in the prop palette.

Simply press F on your keyboard when you are near it or click on it to open the menu. Once opened, you can repair each item.

Repair-o-Matics for Your Build SiteEdit

  • Anyone can place a Repair-o-Matic on their Build Sites.
  • In most cases, you may be able to use the Repair-o-Matic on another player's build site in passing, unless they have permissions set to prevent interaction with their site.

How to Place a Repair-o-MaticEdit

As of June 2016 there is zero cost (no materials or Lumens required) to place a Repair-o-Matic using the Prop Palette while in Build Mode.

To place one on your site:
  1. Click the Tools icon in the upper right corner of your screen to toggle to Build Mode.
  2. Click the barrel icon to see props and/or
  3. Use the search field in the prop palette to locate a Repair-o-Matic
  4. Left click the icon for the Repair-o-Matic to place it.

Game HistoryEdit

This is identical to the look of the Forges once in game during closed beta.

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