Refining is a process by which you can take "raw" resources that they have gathered to make those resources into forms that can be used for both crafting or building. All refining is done at the Replicator.


In Landmark, the refining process acts as a means to increase what you have to use. The increase was added before the game launched to offset the time it took to gather resources.

For example, 50 gathered wood becomes 750 cut wood after it is refined. The refining process stretches what players gather, but it also offsets any inventory overflow that can occur with some resources, since inventory is split into "stacks" of "raw" resources and refined materials.

By having a minimum quantity on-hand before one can refine the resource, it also allows players to pause and consider the long term use of a resource. For example, you may want to make a composite resource by combining two or more resources. If it takes 50 of a raw resource to refine and you have 75, you keep some of the raw version in reserve for later use. For example, if you only refine only some ruby and obsidian into their refined, cut versions, you can limit how much Red Lumicite you make.

During the early phases of the game's development, it was too easy to refine resources in a manner that was unintended and such that it made their use limited to single purposes. It is still possible to overuse a resource in some cases while crafting, but the minimums involved in refining limit the potential for errors that "cost" players time spent gathering when resources they have are aimed at a specific use, like building.

Types of Refined ResourcesEdit


Above: one example of a resource after it is refined.

Virtually all resources must be refined before they can be used in crafting. So much so, that it is easier to say what does not need to be refined first.

The following do not need to be refined because they are crafting-only components:
The Following must be refined:

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