A little bit about Reckoning:

A EQN/L Guild : PVE, 21+, EST, Hardcore Casual w/ Eventual Raiding 2 or 3 nights a week (depending on the content format etc). 

Consider yourself a savvy player but don't have time to commit to a full time raiding schedule? Like to Craft? Explore with Guildmates? Be a part of something that lasts and continues to grow while maintaining close ties and friendships?  Reckoning may be the guild for you!  Seeking applicants that are excited about EQN (and EQNL in the meantime), want to be a part of a guild where friendships mean something and ties bind, and plan to have fun with the game while at the same time striving to be the best they can be (and like....kick some ass along the way).

As we head towards EQNL Beta the structure of the guild will remain very loose...applicants will be accepted at member status.  Once EQN Launches we will have a more structured application process and will determine (as a guild) how we want to move forward.   In the meantime, lets have a blast building some amazing stuff in Landmark!

Looking to put together a like minded group of crazies for good times and some laughs along the way for EQNL beta/launch, EQN/beta/launch and on into the future.  Lets Build Something Together!

While many of us are EST, We are happy to welcome players from either Coast
(or anywhere in between)

If you think you would be a good fit, feel free to fill out an application - Visit us at  We will continue to offer open recruitment at this time.  Management reserves the right to /boot all asshats, trolls, and mean people at our discretion =)

See you all in NORRATH!

~ Minx~