See the Potions category page for a listing of potions.

A Potion is any virtual liquid in Landmark a character for a variety of temporary "buffs" (eg. increased run speed) or a myriad of beneficial effects, like healing. In other games, you may know them as exilirs.

Potion UseEdit

You can use any potion you think will be beneficial to your character, however, potions of the same type do not "stack" when used, which means you can not use 10 of the same potion to multiply the benefits. For example, you can not use 10 Spirit of the Wolf potions to multiply the +5 run speed to 50; instead, you will only get the +5 benefit of a single potion.

Examples of a few potions:

How to Make PotionsEdit

All potions are made at a Replicator using a mix or Tree Sap and another resource.

Suggested ReadingEdit

If you are new to Landmark, you may want to read about:

  • Gathering -which covers the general topic of gathering materials used to make potions.
  • Crafting -covers the general topic of making all things in the game.

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