A Pocket is an inventory expansion item that can be purchased from the Showcase (as of Aug 2014).

  • Pockets can not be used on storage chests. Instead they are used to expand personal inventory that only your character can access.
  • Pockets are a consumable item, meaning that once you add the pocket, it the icon for the item will disappear and the effect takes place.
  • In this case, it is a permanent change to the space in which you can store items, but not gathered materials.

Beta and PocketsEdit

They will be added to the game as a crafted item in the future. Until then, you need Station Cash to buy pockets.

  • Players who purchased a Founder's Pack (Alpha) or Trailblazer's Pack to support game development were given a limited edition item called a Mega Pocket.
  • During beta, the maximum space of a bag or vault is 100 item slots.

Types of PocketsEdit

Landmark Personal Inventory no pockets added

Above: personal inventory without any pockets added. Note the Bag Tab on the top left side of the inventory window.

Pocket small icon

the icon for a pocket

Pockets can be used to expand either:

During beta they come in two sizes and you must use the appropriate pocket to add more space to your bag or to a vault.

  • As of Aug 2014, there are:
  • Pockets that add a single item slot to a bag or vault
  • Pockets that add three item slots to a bag or vault

Check the Showcase in-game for the cost of pockets as this could change.

How to Add a PocketEdit

See the image above and to the right (inventory) and note the Bag Tab at the top. Below the inventory window on the right is the icon for a pocket. After you obtain a pocket, you must:

  1. Press i to open your personal inventory.
  2. Locate the icon for a pocket in your character's Bag Tab.
  3. Click on it to expand the invoneoty it is used on.
Once you have successfully added the pocket, you will see new one or more new slots appear, based on the type of pocket you have added.

Other InfoEdit

  • Be careful that you are using the right type of pocket: either for bag or vault space. If you have purchased the wrong type, it can be traded after a time limit has passed (see in-game info for the time limit).
  • Make sure that your bag or vault space is not at the maximum size. The maximum size for a bag or vault is listed in the information about the pocket (in the Showcase information window).

Recommended ReadingEdit

If you are new to Landmark read about:

  • Inventory - which explains the general topic of personal inventory, but includes info on other ways to store items and how to split up stacks of materials and other items (eg. how to take 1 item out of a stack of 100)
  • Vault - will tell you how you can store items and access them from anywhere, much like a bank in other games.

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