Player vs. Environment (PvE) is any combat in which players (you and/or your friends) can fight with non-player characters.


In Landmark, most PvE takes place in the Chaos Caverns against a variety of monsters, but players can also find build sites on which other players have used the story tools to add combat activities.

  • All gear and equipment related to combat have an Affinity (fire, earth, shadow, etc.) that defines the style of the items and the general properties. For example, items with a Lighting affinity appear as if they are infused with with the energy of a storm.
  • The more gear and equipment you use with the same affinity, the greater the strength and potential attacks against enemies.

PvE Weapons and GearEdit

All players start with a basic weapon and armor.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Rather than the standard "tab targeting" and hotbar full of abilities system seen in so many other games, Landmark is using a "twitch" and movement-based system. This simply means that you must be prepared to move around while you fight, using the landscape and you cunning to give you an upper hand. Both PvE and PvP use this system and you can learn more about it on the general combat page.
  • When starting out, get your bearings on the surface of the islands before you enter caves; the deeper you go the more challenging the fight and (typically) you might find more lootable chests, but the cave system can cause some players to struggle with the way the camera can shift because of (possible) collision with the cave walls.
  • Using a ranged weapon like the Dragonbone Bow or the Frozen Crystal Staff can often make it easier to fight monsters solo in caves. These weapons and their recipes must be looted, so ask if anyone in the community can craft one for you or if they have one to spare.
See Monsters (PvE) for images, descriptions and more tips and tricks for fighting specific monsters on the surface and in caves.



The two options you are given when you die in combat.

If you die and choose not to revive where you are, you will find yourself in a graveyard.

To get back to where you were you can either:
  1. Trek back if you know how to return to the place in which you died or
  2. Use a Extractor and Cave Seeker to tunnel back.


If you die, you need to travel to use a Repair-o-Matic or, if you have one in your Inventory, you cam use a Repair Bot Beacon instead.

Repairs restore all of your gear and equipment to its maximum benefits.

Possible BugsEdit

  • None at this time

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