Plants, like many other elements that make up the world of Landmark, can be used as props to add finishing touch to your build sites.

Plants as PropsEdit

As of launch (June 2016) plants can be used as decorative props while building on a build site.

  • To do so (while on a site you have access to):
  1. Press Tab or click the Tool icon in the upper right corner of your screen to toggle to Build Mode
  2. Click the tab with the barrel icon to activate the Prop Palette section of the mega-palette
  3. Locate the list for plants and click on it or type part of the name of the plant you are looking for in the props.

For example, you could type Bloodtear, but the plant will like turn up in your search with only a few letters.

See the category page for a list of Plants as Props

History of PlantsEdit

During the closed beta phase of the game the world also had plants that could be harvested in all landscapes and from caves.

  • Harvesting plants was the least popular of all gathering activities and, in an effort to allow players to spend less time gathering materials and more time invested in exploration, building, and socializing, the harvesting of plants (along with Sickles) was dropped from the game.