See also: Outfits for a categorical list of all cosmetic gear

Outfits are do not have any stats to protect you or give you any special benefits. They are purely cosmetic gear that is fun.

  • To equip them, find it in your inventory (i) and click on it.


  • In many cases, outfits will render slightly differently on male and female avatars. This is not as obvious with simpler outfits, but the more complex the details, the more differences you may notice.
  • Outfits are "single-piece". You craft one outfit and equip the entire look at once.
  • This page primarily describes the crafted variety of outfits.
  • See the Cosmetic Gear page for detailed info on the various means to obtain recipes and purchase outfits.

How to Make OutfitsEdit

All crafted Outfits are made at the Replicator.

Required Crafting Components:
  • Prior to the launch of the game, Outfits required the use of materials from plants, but harvestable plants were retired in favor of using fibers gathered while chopping down trees.
  • To make Outfits you must first make textiles, which is a type of composite resource.
  • Textiles are made from a combination of tree tree fiber and cut gemstones.

Gallery of OutfitsEdit

Below are a few examples of some of the Outfits found in Landmark. Most come in multiple colors.

  • New outfits and new color variations are added often, so check the Replicator or the Lumen Station when you are in-game or keep an eye on the update notes on the official Landmark Forums.

Artisan's OutfitsEdit

Additional colors may be available. Click to enlarge images.

See the Artisan's Outfit (Colors) page for more colors.

Pathfinder's GearEdit

Additional colors may be available. Click to enlarge images.

See the Pathfinder's Gear (Colors) page for more colors.

Traveler's AttireEdit

Additional colors may be available. Click to enlarge images.

Treasure Seeker's GarbEdit

Additional colors may be available. Click to enlarge images.

The Future Outfits?Edit

  • During Landmark Live development team has talked about bringing in outfits that can be equipped as separate pieces.
  • At some point in the future, it is possible that players will be able to make items outside of the game with design software (eg. Blender) and sell it via Player Studio.

Founder's and OutfitsEdit

If you are a Founder who purchased Outfits prior to the game launch using the Showcase (from the Marketplace tab) you recieved extra Lumens so you could buy the same Outfits or choose another look.

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