An example of the ocean biome.

See also: Biomes for an overview of what a biome is in Landmark.

In addition to two surface-level biomes and all of the cave biomes, all islands have the Ocean Biome. To see which islands have each surface-level biome, see the Servers and Landscapes page.

About this BiomeEdit

Players can place build sites deep in the ocean, though the water within can not be removed, so any design must include the generated ocean-water.

  • As of launch (2016), no drowning mechanic has been added to the game, making the ocean a viable location for a build site. The only difficulties presented by it are that it can be hazy deep under water and players can not walk on the ocean floor (only swim).

Biome AppearanceEdit

The ocean biomes mimic real world oceans, with corals and plant life.


This biome's major advantage is that it provides a great place to gather excessive amounts of sand.

  • As of the 2016 launch, players have access to unlimited quantities of natural terrain sand; however, in order to build with refined looking textures, sand must be gathered.
  • See the Free-to-Use Building Materials page which describes how to differentiate between "free" Terrain building materials and those common resources that need to be gathered.

Ocean Biome-themed PropsEdit

Landmark has many props that allow players to enhance the natural look for their build sites or terraform sites to suit their needs. As such, many props will appear exactly like those you find in the Ocean Biome biome.

See the Ocean Biome Props (List) for props that match this biome.

Suggested ReadingEdit

If you are new to Landmark, you may want to read about:

  • Trees - the primary reason to travel between biomes.
  • Axe - to learn about the progression of axes to chop down trees in all biomes.
  • Servers and Landscapes - explains how to figure out where you need to go to get to specific biomes.

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