NovaTech Holoseeker is an extractor, which drills and gathers resources.

Special FeatureEdit


Shown above: the NovaTech Holoseeker can help locate ore, gems, and uncommon stone. The example above was also during a night-cycle.

This extractor will show the distance of and outlines of ore and minerals you can mine with it. Using it makes it much easier to locate a specific resource. For example, you can see the outline of copper from a distance when you need a lot of it or find mined resources easily in the dark.

Obtaining the RecipeEdit


This item requires a recipe before you can make it.

  • The recipe can be looted while gathering resources
  • It can be purchased for 1040 Lumens. Once a recipe is purchased you can make multiples.

How To MakeEdit

When made at the Replicator, this recipe makes 1 item.

Quantity Item
6000 Smelted Druidium
6000 Cut Amethyn
4 Adventure Essence

Other InfoEdit


A character with the NovaTach HoloSeeker extractor equipped.

  • Similar gadgets include the Farseer Pick or the Ore Prospector and Ground Sounder (detects gems and uncommon stone).
  • This is one of one of four extractors as of June 2016.
  • This item looks like pulverizers seen in closed beta, though the old tool only drilled and didn't gather anything.

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