NovaTech Harvestron is an extractor, which drills and gathers resources.

Special FeatureEdit

This extractor gives a boost to the amount of resources gathered while using it. For example you might gather 2 wood when using most axes, but gather 5 wood while using this on the same tree.

Obtaining the RecipeEdit

This item requires a recipe before you can make it.

  • The recipe can be looted while gathering resources
  • It can be purchased for 1040 Lumens. Once a recipe is purchased you can make multiples.

How To MakeEdit


When made at the Replicator, this recipe makes 1 item.

Quantity Item
6000 Smelted Mithril
6000 Cut Omenstone
4 Adventure Essence

Other InfoEdit

  • This is one of one of four extractors as of June 2016.
  • This item looks like pulverizers seen in closed beta, though the old tool only drilled and didn't gather anything.

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