This page describes NovaTech Faction Non-Player Characters (NPCs) you may battle within the Chaos Caverns.

Common NovaTech Faction FeaturesEdit

These enemies all have a science fiction theme.

  • The humans are all wearing tight-fitting body suits, perfect for space exploration, though some may also don flowing coats.
  • Most often, the weapons they carry are all oversized, "futuristic" weapons a'la campy science fiction films and movies.
  • Many of these enemies are four-legged robots, though they have "hound" in the names (like the NovaTech Firehound)

NovaTech Faction Enemy TypesEdit

  • List and describe enemies and remove this note.

As PropsEdit

Prop versions that mimic the NovaTech Faction can be placed on player-made build sites using the Prop Palette.

Other FactionsEdit

Related TopicsEdit

  • Combat - to learn about battling enemies in general
  • Creature Prop - to learn about how players can create unique combat experiences on their build sites using props.

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