Norse Oil eXpedition
NoX logo do not steal
Leader Hypno
Region EU
Focus PvX, we do a bit of everything
Style From hardcore to casual!
Server dunno yet
Language Norwegian
Welcome to Norway's largest MMO community!

About Norse Oil Expedition [NoX]Edit

NoX is a norwegian gaming community founded back in the days of GW1, and was called "The NoX order". For Guild Wars 2 we renamed the guild and launched a "norwegians only" limit. We grew quite big in GW2 with over 400++ menbers and where the first guild to aquire a legendary on Far Shiverpeaks (EU) server.  We're a close nit family and play alot of games together, and are currently represented in Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars: the old republic and now in EverQuest Next.

Joining NoXEdit

We do not have harsh limits of the people who join us, but hey have to behave. So if you fan follow this little list, you're very welcome yo join:

  • You have to be norwegian
  • You have to behave in all the games
  • And you'll need to use TeamSpeak3

You can write us an application on this site: apply to all the games we're playing.

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