NFG Gaming
Leader Goát
Region Worldwide
Focus Building/Gathering
Style Teamwork
Language English

NFG is an EverQuest Next Landmark guild.

About the guildEdit

At NFG we like to play games both seriously and for community fun. We have no set rules or schedules a enjoy meeting new people to explore and enjoy games. In Landmark we like to build the best tools and create the most beautiful structures. Together as a clan we are hoping to claim an area of a world to call home.

Once founded NFG Town will not only be for our community to build together, trade together and gather together but to also have a community plot to build structures for the Landmark competitions so that we can have a part of NFG in EverQuest Next. We also play other games like DayZ, Wildstar and other related games. There is no game genre we don't cover as we all enjoy various games across the online world.

Joining the guildEdit

Visit our website, take a look around and sign up. Once applied you can join our Teamspeak and get started straight away!

External linksEdit

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