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The info here applies to Aug 2014, during closed beta, and may change at any time due to frequent game updates.

Mining is one way you will gather materials used to craft and build in Landmark.

Equipping and Un-Equipping ToolsEdit

Landmark hotbar with gathering tools

A hotbar with harvesting tools. L to R: a pick, an axe, a sickle, a lightstone, a rockgrinder, the ore prospector, and ground sounder.

Gathering Tools must be equipped. Press i to open your inventory and drag them to a hotbar. Once they are in the hotbar, you can L click to activate them and start mining. Press Esc to deactivate the tool.

Location, LocationEdit

In order to mine successfully, you need to know where to go and where you can and can't mine.

  • Move away from the spire to mine. You can't mine right next to the spire and a system message will tell you when you are able to do so. Likewise, you can not harvest on your claim or anyone else's. The target circle for your tool will turn red if you are within a claim.
  • The world is made up of Servers and Islands. You must travel to different islands in order to mine different resources. You can do this by going back to a Spire (always in the center of a map), by crafting Portal Shard for instant travel back to a spire or to claims owned by you. You can also use the Gallery to travel using a portal shard, though you can only visit claims you do not own via the Gallery.
  • Rather than using the describing tools or the areas we go to by levels, Landmark uses the term tier. In short, it describes something akin to a range of levels. You can use a tool of any tier at any time - even the top tier tool as soon as you log in if you are handed one. For more info read about Tiers.
  • Caves already play a large role in mining. Most ore and minerals are now located inside of caves. For example, you will only find copper and agate on a tier 1 island's surface, but must locate a cave to mine iron, tin, etc. As of Aug 2014 (closed beta) we only have the simplest version of caves; at some point, caves will have a different look the deeper you go and the rarer the ore and minerals, the deeper you will have to venture into caves.

Essential Mining GearEdit

Having the right gear makes mining easy. A pick is the single thing you need, but due to the way ore and minerals are found in the world, the following gear will make your life as a miner much easier.

  • Grappling Hook - It will help you get up and over mountains quickly, but it's essential for mining in caves. Some deposits are in the walls and ceilings of caves and require grappling. Grappling is necessary in most caves, so make one before you jump in a cave drop-off. If you find yourself in a cave without a grappling hook though, press ESC and use Evac to return to the surface.
  • Ore Prospector - This is used to help you find large deposits of ore, but it is also useful for finding pocket caves very deep below the surface of the world.
  • Ground Sounder - This functions just like the Ore Prospector, but it is used to find mineral deposits.
  • Lightstone or Bottled Moonlight - These will light you way inside caves. You can make lightstones at any time, but bottled moonlight requires plants harvested inside of specific caves.

Know your PickEdit

The Tier of your pick and its stats are how you can tell what you can mine and how effectively you will mine. The key goal for tools is to progressively make tools of/for higher tiers and aim for the best possible stats.

  • Tiers are how you can tell which tool can harvest which ore and minerals you want to gather. Your pick must have a minimum resource rating for each tier of ore and minerals. For example, a pick that can harvest Copper Ore can not be used to mine Cobalt Ore.
Tiers are displayed when you mouse over a tool in your bag; a "tool tip" window will appear with this information.
  • Every gathering tool has stats (statistics) like those you might expect to see on armor in many other games; these stats greatly influence how you mine in the long run. Each time a tool is crafted the stats on it are randomized, so make more than one tool when you want to mine faster, gathering more per strike, and cover a larger area with the pick. In addition to the base stats, you can customize stats further.

Common Resources from Most LocationsEdit

The first three materials here are extremely common, but very useful for building on a claim/ Coal is (currently) used for crafting.

  • Dirt: the most common resource, you will get dirt any time you mine in areas that look grassy (including the desert.
  • Stone: found on the surface of many mountains, but in great quantities when you mine in caves.
  • Sand: found on all beaches near the sea and on the top layer of deserts.
  • Coal: found in all locations, though you can also craft it if you run low.

Types of OreEdit

(will describe common vs elemental)

Types of MineralsEdit

(will describe common minerals vs gemstone minerals)

Major editing is underway below this point.Edit

The info from here down may still be useful, though outdated.

Pick UseEdit

Stone PickEdit

You can mine Tier 1 ores and minerals with the Founder's Pickaxe or the Stone Pick.

On the surface of tier 1 islands

  • Copper Ore: Bright Orange, always found on the surface. If you are in a tier 1 map you will see a lot of it wherever you look.
  • Agate: Yellow-ish in color, found on the surface. Not very rare, but not the most common thing to come across. Mostly found in desert areas.

In caves on tier 1 islands

  • Tin OreVery light metallic, found in tier 2 maps but can also be found in tier 1 maps. Sometimes on the surface or at the end of iron veins.

In addition to ores and gems, in Tier 1 you can also mine the following building and crafting materials:

Copper Ore nodes. Uncommon.

Copper Pick or Founders PickEdit

  • Iron Ore: Metallic dark, sometimes almost a blue-gray, mostly found in tier 2 maps but also present in tier 1 maps.
  • Aquamarine: Light blue-green, found on the surface and under Iron Ore deposits in tier 2 and tier 1 maps. Easier to find than the tier 1 gems.
  • Tourmaline: Green with a pinkish-purple, rare to find, can be found on the surface or at the end of tin and marble veins (MUCH easier to find on the surface if you look for it in sand). If there are a lot of people hunting for it, it might take some time to find. Keep an eye out for it though since you need it to craft your next pick. Can be found in tier 1 and 2 caves.

To use this you need to place your claim and then place the Stone Forge and Alchemy Station on the ground inside your claim. To find a valid claim spot open the minimap and zoom out. Look for a spot that is not within a red box - you'll know what I mean when you see the minimap. Might be hard to find a valid spot, I found mine on the far right corner of a map.) Note: If you find another Forge or Station out in the world (on another player's claim, for example), you can use that those and avoid having to build up/spend the materials to make your own.  However, having your own crafting stations on your claim is worth undertaking eventually.

Iron PickEdit

  • Silver Ore: Bright Silver, mostly found under Tungsten deposits. Fully mine the Tungsten deposit to uncover the Silver. Commonly found on tier 2 maps. Has a lower chance to spawn on Tier 1 and Tier 3 maps.
  • Tungsten Ore: A greenish ore often by itself but will also be found with Silver. Commonly found on tier 2 maps.
  • Topaz: Yellow mixed with orange, found on the surface and under/mixed in with Amethyst deposits. Commonly Found on tier 2 maps. Has a lower chance to spawn on Tier 1 and Tier 3 maps.
  • Amethyst : Purple, sometimes found under Tungsten deposits. Found on the surface in tier 2 and 3 maps.
  • Marble: Plain White, found on the surface on tier 2 maps.

Tungsten PickEdit

  • Cobalt OreA bright blue ore found underground on tier 3 islands and on the surface of tier 4 islands. It is sometimes paired with gold or sapphire.
  • Gold OreBright yellowish-gold, mostly found under cobalt deposits, sometimes found on the surface in both tier 3 and 4 maps.
  • Emerald: Green, found on the surface in tier 2 and 3 maps.
  • Sapphire: Shiny, bright blue. Found on the surface in tier 3 maps.
  • Amaranthine: Dull, but vibrant purple. Found on the surface in tier 3 maps.

Cobalt PickEdit

  • Mithril Ore: Very light, metallic gray-white. Can be found on the surface of tier 4 maps and also with rubicite and ruby.
  • Rubicite Ore: Bright, metallic red. Found on the surface and at the end of obsidian and diamond veins in tier 4 maps.
  • Ruby: Bright, shiny red. Found both on the surface and at the end of mithril veins in tier 4 maps.
  • Diamond: Shiny white color, this can be found in tier 4 maps.
  • Obsidian: Dull black, can be found on the surface of tier 3 and 4 maps.
  • Alabaster: Dull white and can be found on the surface of tier 4 maps.

To craft your Cobalt Pick you need:

Mithril PickEdit

Where's the Copper?Edit

If you can't find copper, you need to return to a tier 1 island using the Spire.

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