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Before You StartEdit

Before you start your mining adventures there are a few thing you need to know.

  1. You have to equip your tools to use them. The easiest way to do this is to drag a tool from your inventory to your tool bar. To start mining, simply press the number according to the tool you want to use. If the tool is not visually displaying in your hand, you can't dig. If you press the same number again, you will un-equip that tool. Note: some functions in the game do not work when you have a tool equipped.
  2. You can't mine next to the starting point. Your tools are not broken, there is a small area around the portal where you can't mine anything. Head out a bit and you will be able to mine. There will be a notification message that displays when you cross over this invisible barrier (either way, in and out).
  3. Make sure you are in the correct tier area. Look around the portal, the minerals you see on the ground in the "no mine zone" are the ones you are going to find on that current map.
  4. You can't mine inside someone's claim.  If you are trying to mine but the circle always appears red, look at the top of your screen to see if you are inside someone's claim.  If you are, you will be unable to mine.

Resource ratings are displayed on the tool tip for the pick or axe you are using.

Resource Rating 1: Founders Pick or Stone PickEdit

You can mine Tier 1 ores and gems with the Founder's Pickaxe, or the Stone Pick.

  • Copper Ore: Bright Orange, always found on the surface. If you are in a tier 1 map you will see a lot of it wherever you look.
  • Tin OreVery light metallic, found in tier 2 maps but can also be found in tier 1 maps. Sometimes on the surface or at the end of iron veins.
  • Agate: Yellow-ish in color, found on the surface or under copper deposits that spawned on the surface. Not very rare, but not the most common thing to come across. Mostly found in desert areas.

In addition to ores and gems, in Tier 1 you can also mine the following building and crafting materials:

Resource Rating 2: Copper Pick or Founders PickEdit

  • Iron Ore: Metallic dark, sometimes almost a blue-gray, mostly found in tier 2 maps but also present in tier 1 maps, always on the surface.
  • Aquamarine: Light blue-green, found on the surface and under Iron Ore deposits in tier 2 and tier 1 maps. Easier to find than the tier 1 gems.
  • Tourmaline: Green with a pinkish-purple, rare to find, can be found on the surface or at the end of tin and marble veins (MUCH easier to find on the surface if you look for it in sand). If there are a lot of people hunting for it, it might take some time to find. Keep an eye out for it though since you need it to craft your next pick.

To craft your Copper Pick you need:

To make any future tiers of picks you will need the following to create a Stone Forge:

You will also need an Alchemy Station to refine wood needed for future picks:

To use this you need to place your claim and then place the Stone Forge and Alchemy Station on the ground inside your claim. To find a valid claim spot open the minimap and zoom out. Look for a spot that is not within a red box - you'll know what I mean when you see the minimap. Might be hard to find a valid spot, I found mine on the far right corner of a map.) Note: If you find another Forge or Station out in the world (on another player's claim, for example), you can use that those and avoid having to build up/spend the materials to make your own.  However, having your own crafting stations on your claim is worth undertaking eventually.

Resource Rating 3: Iron PickEdit

  • Silver Ore: Bright Silver, mostly found under Tungsten deposits. Fully mine the Tungsten deposit to uncover the Silver. Commonly found on tier 2 maps. Has a lower chance to spawn on Tier 1 and Tier 3 maps.
  • Tungsten Ore: A greenish ore often by itself but will also be found with Silver. Commonly found on tier 2 maps.
  • Topaz: Yellow mixed with orange, found on the surface and under/mixed in with Amethyst deposits. Commonly Found on tier 2 maps. Has a lower chance to spawn on Tier 1 and Tier 3 maps.
  • Amethyst : Purple, sometimes found under Tungsten deposits. Found on the surface in tier 2 and 3 maps.
  • Marble: Plain White, found on the surface on tier 2 maps.

To craft your Iron Pick you need:

Resource Rating 4: Tungsten PickEdit

  • Cobalt OreA bright blue ore found underground on tier 3 islands and on the surface of tier 4 islands. It is sometimes paired with gold or sapphire.
  • Gold OreBright yellowish-gold, mostly found under cobalt deposits, sometimes found on the surface in both tier 3 and 4 maps.
  • Emerald: Green, found on the surface in tier 2 and 3 maps.
  • Sapphire: Shiny, bright blue. Found on the surface in tier 3 maps.
  • Amaranthine: Dull, but vibrant purple. Found on the surface in tier 3 maps.

To craft your Tungsten Pick you need:

Resource Rating 5: Cobalt PickEdit

  • Mithril Ore: Very light, metallic gray-white. Can be found on the surface of tier 4 maps and also with rubicite and ruby.
  • Rubicite Ore: Bright, metallic red. Found on the surface and at the end of obsidian and diamond veins in tier 4 maps.
  • Ruby: Bright, shiny red. Found both on the surface and at the end of mithril veins in tier 4 maps.
  • Diamond: Shiny white color, this can be found in tier 4 maps.
  • Obsidian: Dull black, can be found on the surface of tier 3 and 4 maps.
  • Alabaster: Dull white and can be found on the surface of tier 4 maps.

To craft your Cobalt Pick you need:

Resource Rating 6: Mithril PickEdit

To craft your Mithril Pick you need:


Some content originally published by Darklady at forums.


I can't find any copper ...Edit

You need to go to a Tier 1 zone, use the big crystal at the zone spawn point and travel to a Tier 1 zone.

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