This page was created before the game launched and the nature of the topic changed radically; below you will find an explanation of the various ways in which this was once used and what changed by launch, as old terminology often lingers in a game.

Changes by LaunchEdit

The term, minerals, may refer to any of the following as of the 2016 game launch:

It may be generically used to refer to one of the following easily confused types of stone:

  • Stone (Resource) - a type of stone that has some refined Texture options included in the Free-to-Use Building Materials and several textures that require the passive gathering of common stone (described below). This also includes the uncommon stone that can be mined, while looking at options found within the Materials Tray.
  • Stone (Common) - the stone seen everywhere you go in the Lumeria, from the sides of mountains, to caves, and so on. The is the a general category that is not found in deposits (special spot of the ground to mine).

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