The Lumen Station exists as a means to "spend" the Lumens players get from engaging in non-building activities (e.g. mining, defeating monsters)


The Lumen Station allows players various ways to use the Lumens they earn with in-game activities or those they choose to purchase.

Optional UsesEdit

  • Serves as a way to add recipes normally discovered by interacting with the world through non-building activities.
As of 2016, the vast majority of items listed on the Lumen Station can be discovered and the Lumen Station simply exists for those who want to skip discovery for personal reasons (e.g. to add props complete a design) or who want to use their Lumens as a way to reward their efforts in a manner that favors choice over the random "drops" seen in other games.
  • Those who are working on very large building project may opt to "buy" some of their resources that they might normally gather manually. For example, if you are building a very fancy castle, you might want to cover the entire thing in Cut Diamonds, but may not want to spend the time mining if you want to focus on final touches.
  • The Lumen Station is also used to purchase other non-innate items like extra ornate, cosmetic Outfits that one might buy from a "cash shop" within most other online games..

See the Lumens page to learn how one earns or buys this currency.

Accessing the Lumen StationEdit


Highlighted for emphasis: the number of Lumens a charcater has is listed in the top, left corner of the screen. The + opens the Marketplace tab if you want to buy more Lumens.

This "station" is actually a UI (User Interface) window that can be accessed in the upper left corner of the screen

  • Once the station is open, you can choose items from various categories.
Examples include:

Other InfoEdit

  • No other info at this time.

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