Lost Crystal Before

Lost Crystal

Lost Crystals are found in Outposts. They give loot rewards when used.


  • You must kill the Elite Monster in the Outpost to activate and use the Lost Crystal.
  • You cannot use the crystal while in combat.
  • Upon using the crystal you will channel for several seconds. If you are attacked, the channeling will cancel.
  • You will know when you can click the crystal because a spire of light will shoot from it.
  • Crystals have a good chance to drop 1 or 2 recipes, as well as Cozy Campfires, essences, and Lumens.


The images below show what the crystal looks like throughout the process. The final image is the prompt that allows you to travel to another into Chaos Cavern to start searching for more Outposts and their Lost Crystals..

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