Lost Chest

A close up of a Lost Chest.

See also Chests, for a comparison of types of chests in Landmark.

Losts Chests are special chests found only in Outposts within the Chaos Caverns.

  • They are far larger and more ornate than the smaller, common chests.



Often, Lost Chests are partially buried in the Outpost.

This type of chest is very different from the common loot chests you might find while exploring surface caves.

  • They reward large amounts of various resources as well as a chance at recipes and, sometimes, consumable loot items like High Yield Dynamite.
  • Unlike common chests that are found sitting right out in the open of cave tunnels, this type is always hidden and often buried within the Outposts.

Tips for FindingEdit

  • There is only one Lost Chest per outpost. This means if a cave has more than 1 outpost, there is 1 chest for each.
  • Lost Chests are often hidden.
  • To find Lost Chests you may sometimes have to mine your way to where the chest is at as it may be hidden inside something else. You can also use High Yield Dynamite for this or the Goliath Pick, which removes a broader area of ground compared to other picks.

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