Spire crystal

The crystal at a large, main leyline spire that must be clicked to access travel options

As of launch 2016, the expanded version of this system was removed and the way the User Interface works was changed to include "Spire anywhere" access.

In case it returns, the info below is being retained.

The Leyline Network is an instant-travel system for teleporting in Landmark. This network connects all servers (worlds) and all landscapes and allows for travel deeper into the cave system. There are two types of leyline stations described below.


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Station TypesEdit

Landmark64 2015-05-10 18-02-32-85

A small leyline station deep in the landscape of a volcanic surface biome. After this type is "learned" you can travel to them again later.

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Discovering Hidden Leyline StationsEdit

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How To UseEdit

Until we see changes to the UI mentioned by the developers, see the Spire page.

Other InfoEdit

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Related TopicsEdit

Possible BugsEdit

  • Some players report complete game crashes after using the leyline system. This was common early in closed beta and fixed, but seems to have returned after the May 2015 game update. If this happens use /bug in game to report it, including any steps needed to track the bug down.

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