Forest biome

Example of the jungle biome.

See also: Biomes for an overview of what a biome is in Landmark.

The Jungle biome was formerly referred to as the Tropical biome.

All Landscapes have two biomes. To see which islands have the Jungle Biome see Servers and Landscapes.

What is the Purpose of a Biome?Edit

Biomes not only give players a variety of natural terrains in which they can build their build sites, but also exist to give us queues about where we need to go to get certain material to craft items and build on our claims.

  • Many of the trees and plants can be gathered and used for crafting and building, but many of the same trees and plants can also be used as props on build sites.

Biome AppearanceEdit

The Jungle biome is primarily filled with vibrant green grasses like those seen in warmer climates during the early spring months and appears to be inspired by the real-world tropical regions. Though all biomes have oceans and beaches, the jungle biome is what most people think of when they think of "tropical vacations". Though it has a variety of trees that have heavy canopies akin to those in a rain forest, the distinctive trees in this biome are palms of various sizes.

Materials for Building and CraftingEdit

The following materials for building and crafting can be found only in this biome:


Any axe can be used to chop trees here.

  • The type of wood from each tree varies by biome and tree type. For now, see the Trees page to help you understand trees as a gathered material resource.
  • Read about Gathering Tools to help you better understand why you may need to upgrade your tools.

Biome-themed PropsEdit

Landmark has many props that allow players to enhance the natural look for their claims or terraform claims to suit their needs. As such, many props will appear exactly like those you find in the Jungle Biome. C

See the Jungle Biome Props (List) for all props that match this biome.


Building Blocks Introducing the Tropical Environment00:42

Building Blocks Introducing the Tropical Environment

Building Blocks Desert Environment

You can watch the early development Building Blocks introduction video to the right, from the Official Landmark YouTube channel.

Suggested ReadingEdit

If you are new to Landmark, you may want to read about:

  • Trees - the primary reason to travel between biomes.
  • Axe - to learn about the progression of axes to chop down trees in all biomes.
  • Servers and Landscapes - explains how to figure out where you need to go to get to specific biomes.

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