Most items can be made by players.

  • In some cases they may have been special bonus items received for participating in the development of the game by purchasing a Founder's Pack (eg. Founder's Pickaxe and Void Vault).
  • On occasion they may be won by any number means that the company makes them for to promote the game, like the Feather in a Bottle, that was given via Twitter, Twitch and other media outlets.
  • They may be from limited-time special offers for the game, like Daybreak Cash (promotional) Game Cards sold in stores like Target, Gamestop, Walmart, etc.

For Your CharacterEdit

Your character will have and use a wide variety of items.


  • Gathering Tools: are items used to gather resources outside of claims, like Picks.
  • Armor and Weapons to equip for battle
  • Accessories: are items that are worn that provide stat bonuses to your armor and weapon.
  • [Landmark Equipment|Weapons and Armor]]: rather than having specific classes, combat depends on the weapons and armor you equip.

General UseEdit

  • Cosmetic Gear : are items that are purely used for vanity purposes, like Clothes and other items that have no stat bonuses.
  • Consumables : includes things like Bottled Moonlight and other potions that are used one or more times until they are depleted and fully consumed.
  • Gadgets : Most of these are often consumables, but they serve a purpose that makes the useful for almost any play style. For example, a Greater Lightstone can be used to explore the world at night or by those who want to face monsters deep in the Chaos Caverns. The Ore Prospector will help find veins of ore to mine

Recommended ReadingEdit

If you are new to Landmark, you may want to read:

  • Gear and Equipment - to get a general sense of how what you equip can change what you do.
  • Inventory - to understand how items of all kinds are stored. For example, Landmark does not have a multi-bag system, common in other games, nor does it have the typical "bank" system.
  • Affinity - to understand how to choose items to go into battle.