Ice refers to a type of building material. In some cases, these textures require players to gather extra ice in locations with a tundra biome. Ice can not be gathered from caves with a tundra theme.

  • Only a four ice textures are included in the free-to-use building materials.
  • Gathered ice is also used to place water. See the Water for an example of that building material.


In Landmark, these textures mimic those most often associated with real-world ways ice as it is found naturally and as it appears when ice is finished to an art form through the sculpting ice to create grand locations like an ice palace or even events to celebrate ice sculpting world-wide.

  • The natural textures are rough and unfinished as you might find the in tundra locations.
  • The finished textures in Landmark tend to include those textures which look like literal brickwork, but may feature textures that mimic trim, pavers, and intentionally smoothed surfaces.

As a Building MaterialEdit

Ice can be used as a building material. New textures are added all of the time, so check your the building materials section of the mega-palette in Build Mode in-game to see all textures.

In Landmark, the Ice textures typically have a shiny or glossy finish.

Terrain IceEdit

The ice textures in these examples are the only free-to-use building materials that look like ice.


Examples of textured, common stone, which must be mined before use.

Finished IceEdit

Finished ice is any ice texture that does not mimic ice as one would find it in a natural state in the real world. Instead, it looks as though it has been intentionally formed, carved, laid as bricks or pavers, or otherwise appears as though it was manipulated for artistic reasons.

The following require players to gather ice. Ice is gathered passively in any Tundra Biome, while mining other resources.


Examples of textured, common stone, which must be mined before use.

Other InfoEdit

  • The free-to-use ice textures are found grouped in the Common category of the materials tray while in Build Mode. They will have an infinity symbol (looks like a sideways 8) on them instead of a count.

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